Coffee growing farmers receive Nestle assistance

ADDIS ABABA – In its project to create a shared value community, Nestle Ethiopia said that it has supported over 20,000 coffee growing farmers to increase coffee quality, control product wastage, and pollution, and improve farmers living style.

Nestle Horn of Africa Cluster Manager, Wossenyeleh Shiferaw told The Ethiopian Herald that in line with the company’s principle of creating a shared value community, the company has been working to improve the life of livelihoods in collaboration with different Non Governmental Organizations. It is committed to create a shared value community and to strengthen the capacity of local communities in various areas that the company operates.

According to him, taking part in such kinds of activities has multi-dimensional benefits such as serving the community, improving livelihoods living style, supporting national economy and sustaining the operation.

“We have been supporting communities especially, coffee growing farmers in South Ethiopia in various ways to enable them to analyze and join the modern coffee production system, increase production and productivity, overcome wastage and pollution of the product. As part of it, the company has addressed over 20,000 coffee growing farmers to improve their production and lifestyle,” he said.

To improve the nutrition, health and wellness problems in Ethiopia, it has been playing its role in bringing its products to the country. The company is generating foreign currency through exporting different brand coffee products to the international market, he added.

Recently, the company has donated over 3.6 million Birr to the Ethiopian Red Cross Society to help deliver water, sanitation, and hygiene in Sululta town to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

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