Ethio-Germany sign 4.3 bln Birr grant to respond COVID -19 emergencies

ADDIS ABABA – Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance and Stephan Auer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ethiopia, signed a 4.3 billion Birr grant agreement yesterday to support the effort of the national COVID-19 multi-sectoral preparedness and emergency response plan.

“The solidarity and firm support shown by the government of Germany is a testament of our strong partnership.” Allocating 100 million Euro (about 4.3billion Birr) budgetary support for implementation of the national COVID-19 multi-sectoral preparedness and response plan as the country faces the pandemic crisis which is the most complex, uncertain and more severe than everything, Ahmed said.

According to Ahmed, Ethiopia and German have a long-standing political, economic and cultural partnership based on mutual respect and trust spanning more than seven decades. Germany’s economic cooperation in technical and vocational education, agriculture and food security, natural resources conservation and biodiversity, and the recent finance reform to boost growth and competitiveness has left a strong mark on the country’s socio-economic progress over the past years.

The reform is well progressing with the aim to set Ethiopia on the right path to building an emerging market economy level policy and institutional framework to create an efficient, resilient and well-functioning financial market and eventually become African prosperity icon, he stated.

Ambassador Stephan Auer said that German supports the reforms undertaking in Ethiopia adding, “We are really committed to carry out all programs of support to see success. We had a fruitful discussion about how we can intensify the cooperation.”

Germany is willing and continues to stand by Ethiopia to promote investment. It is interested in the continuation of financial support for Ethiopia to intensify the implementation of the reform, he said.

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